Achievements/ Current Status

The following data highlights the achievements of National Talent Pool (since 1976):.
Plans Achievements
Database of Host Organizations. 26,861
Database of Highly Qualified Professionals (with in Pakistan) 504,909
Database of Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis. 6,404
Identification of Deficient Areas/Sectoral Needs. 125
Consultancies/Visits undertaken by Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis 1,017
NTP has published 19 sets of inventories of highly Qualified Pakistanis on diversified parameters e.g. with respect to demographics, area of specialty, education etc. Radical availability of such data was utilized by different agencies/ departments/ Ministries as the data was shared with them in shape of inventories/publications.
By virtue of respective contributions, dedicated expatriate Pakistani consultants have helped to strengthen National efforts to improve the quality of life by encompassing diversified areas with the particular attention to health, education, and basic necessities besides defense related organization e.g. prevention from spreading of HIV/AIDS, improving mental health, children with special needs, early detection of cancer, strengthening of institutional governance, research on ground water quality and contamination, training of engineers for land sliding prevention, environmental pollution, hazardous material management etc are just a few examples of the efforts and contributions of the elite/ renowned scholars. These expatriate Pakistani consultants have helped local institutions to gain access to latest technology and networks outside Pakistan creating awareness, innovative partnerships and new incentives for research and development. National Talent Pool has provided a unique mechanism to facilitate/ transfer of knowledge in an efficient and cost effective way, introducing cost effective techniques, recommended solutions which were quite useful in Pakistanís context. National Talent Pool has been instrumental in building the capacity of National institutions through training courses, workshops, symposia, curriculum development, introduction of new courses and donations in shape of essential gadgets, books, equipments, financial support, policy advice etc. Its utility in terms of money therefore, cannot be calculated by any mean/s. The Audit calculation regarding average cost per visit of expatriate Pakistani consultant therefore does not apply to the situation because it is immaterial, as the proportionate monitory benefit accruing from contribution to the National economy cannot be measured.
NTP has also established linkages with Pakistanís Missions/Embassies and Foreign Missions/ Embassies working in Islamabad. Linkages are being established across globe with all agencies collecting, maintaining and disseminating such data.
This department intends to gather/update/improve the survey of deficient areas/sectoral needs, electronically/manually.
This department also plans to improve/increase the number of visits / consultancies of eminent expatriate Pakistanis by motivating them through virtual / postal correspondence.