Achievements/ Current Status

The following data highlights the achievements of National Talent Pool (since 1976):.
Plans Achievements
Database of Host Organizations. 31,004
Database of Highly Qualified Professionals (within Pakistan) 508,654
Database of Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis. 6845
Consultancies/Visits undertaken by Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis 1,039
NTP has published 19 sets of inventories of Highly Qualified Pakistanis depicting diversified parameters e.g. with respect to demographics, area of specialty, education, experience etc and the same have also been provided to different agencies/ departments/ Ministries upon their request. As National Talent Pool patronages the consultancy of expatriate Pakistani professionals as a resource persons in different host organizations of the country, their commendable participation can be seen in different segments of the economy like Health, Education, Good Governance, Energy, Social Safety Nets, Environments, and Defence etc. These expatriate Pakistani consultants have helped local institutions to gain access to latest technology and networks outside Pakistan creating awareness, innovative partnerships and new incentives for research and development In this way, National Talent Pool has provided a unique mechanism to facilitate/ transfer of knowledge in an efficient and economical mode by introducing cost effective techniques and recommended solutions, which were quite worthwhile in Pakistan’s context. Therefore, National Talent Pool is in continuous process of enhancing and revitalizing its productivity and usefulness in sharing the wisdom, bridging up the gaps of knowledge and technological advancements.
This department also plans to improve/increase the number of visits / consultancies of eminent expatriate Pakistanis by motivating them through virtual / postal correspondence.