Pensioner's Cell

In pursuance of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)'s  Secretariat letter No.4(8)Reports/SL/WMS/2016 dated Feb 16, 2016 on the subject "Appointment of Focal Person and Establishment of Pensioner's Cell and Facilitation Measures For Pensioners/Early/Timely Settlement/ Finalization of the Pension Cases of Govt. Employees" the establishment of pensioner’s cell is being made in all Federal Government institutions in order to deal with the issues of pension cases and for complaint of Government employees within the department. For this the requisite information in respect of National Talent Pool is given below for ready reference.
1. Contact Detail of the Focal Person who will deal the issues related with pension cases.
2. Computerized list of all employees with details of their date of birth and date of retirement.
3. Computerized list of all employees with details of the ACRs (status of written and submitted ACRs to competent authority).
4. Status of Pension Cases.
5. Status of Service Book record of all employees of the organization.